Stichting 2 van de 52 - Voedselpakketten vanwege Corona

Food aid because of Corona

A develish dilemma in Haripur: Taking the risk of being infected by Covid-19 or staying at home with a serious chance of starvation. In the whole of Nepal a complete lockdown has been enforced. The number of Corona cases is relatively low (per may 14th just over 200 cases on a population of 19 million), however the main part of the population is so skinny and weak that they will not survive this virus.

Only people with a crucial occupation are allowed to go out.

Currently only people with a crucial occupation are allowed to go out. In Haripur people are not allowed to yeald rice or to trade other food products. As a consequence many families, especially children and the elderly, are suffering seriously from the shortage of food. Our social worker Arbind brought this to our attention. Although our priorities will always be education and hygiene, we still decided to make part of our budget available to donate food packages for the hardest-hit families. As schools are closed anyway we are able to help many families this way.