2 van de 52 - Supervision


The Trustees of Stichting 2 van de 52 (plus a few volunteers) wants to spend approx. 2 weeks out of 52 in the area to make an inventory of the needs, monitor the current situation, set up projects and talk to (local) governments, teachers and local people. This needs to be done with the help of one or preferably two local social workers. We are in weekly contact with a paid social worker who lives in the area and monitors the progress and makes sure all donations are spent the correct way. This man, Arbind Chaudhary, also prepares our visits.


Stichting 2 van de 52 has an ANBI-status which stands for Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, i.e. Institution for general good purposes. This status has been awarded by the Dutch tax authorities. This has great financial advantages for the foundation and also enables Dutch sponsors/donors to make their gifts tax-deductable. The main condition is that the Foundation uses all income for General Good Purposes. Besides that the Foundation needs to publish (annual) goals and financial reports, approved by an official accountant, on this website.

Stichting 2 of the 52, ANBI/RSIN number : 8577 18 162