Reis 2 van de 52 Nepal Rob en Keeley – Dag 1

Journey Nepal Rob en Keeley – Day 1

We spent a few interesting days in Kathmandu before traveling to Haripur for 2vande52. We saw lots of spiritual buildings, images and statues and learned a lot from our guide. It made me really sad to see the poverty of many people though. So many homeless, beggars, leprous people sitting by the side of the road, often with children. Nobody seems to pay any attention to them and our guide quickly changed the subject when I asked about their situation. I realise there is not a lot we can do about this as individuals. I am immensely looking forward to going to Haripur and visit "our" schools and see the progress the kids are making. Trips to Nepal are always full of mixed emotions and this year it's no different.