2 van de 52 - Realisation


Visit 2016

In order to achieve our objectives we started the following projects in 2016:

  • Visit to the region by Wijtze and Bobby;
  • Building a school (2 buildings), hiring 4 teachers, investing in school supplies and providing breakfast and lunch;
  • We dug a water well and built a water pump and we built a toilet behind the school building;
  • We taught children and adults about hygiene;
  • We hired a social worker (Arbind Chaudary) to supervise our objectives;
  • We started looking for sponsors, who preferably support us with monthly donations;

Visit 2017

In 2017 Marsha Regensburg and Charissa van Andel from Plezier! Theater visited Haripur. By means of theatre, workshops and plays they taught at school. They educated the kids about personal hygiene, about keeping the school and its surroundings tidy and they supported the teachers. They also managed to start up a biological vegetable garden. They also critically analysed points of improvement for the board of the foundation to work on.

Visit 2018

On behalf of our foundation, in 2018 Marlies Beeks of the Light of Life Foundation visited Haripur. Her foundation is usually active in Aamaghar , where she (financially and personally) supports the school of Minu Pariyar. Together, Minu and Marlies educated our teachers and told them about their own experiences in their own region. The feedback of Marlies was very valuable for us.

2 van de 52 - Strong Together

Visit 2019

In 2019 boardmembers Rob and Wijtze visited Haripur and as you can read in the blogs, this turned out to be a very successful and eventful trip. In short:

  • A large vegetable garden was set up near the house of Arbind. The children from our school can sow and reap themselves and provide their own school dinner.
  • A cooperation was set up with the Everest Academy, one of the most professional colleges in Nepal. The project “Student for a student” was started.
  • Rob and Wijtze managed to convince the local government of the importance of a nursery. A building was assigned to us including a full-time teacher.