Our team

Het bestuur van 2 van de 52 bestaat uit 6 personen en bezoekt regelmatig het Haripur-gebied in Nepal om daar te helpen.

Wijtze Velema

Wijtze Velema


My name is Wijtze Velema, I live in Kampen (NL) with my family. In daily life I am active in the photographic industry. My journey to Nepal in 2016, together with my colleague Bobby was intended to activate myself in adding something to society. Quite often terrible images in the media did not move or shock me anymore. A visit to Nepal, and specifically Haripur, changed all of that. That region stole my heart. The fact that we really were able to change things for approx. 100 children opened my eyes. We planted a seed and we want to make it grow.

Marsha Regensburg


My name is Marsh Regensburg and I’m also live in Apeldoorn (NL). Besides my work for 2vande52 I am mother, hostess and theatre artist. In 2017 I went to Haripur with a friend as theatre maker, teacher and motivator. That’s how my love for the people in Haripur and the Primary Indrapur school came to blossom. I am still in very frequent contact with our social worker Arbind.

Stichting 2 van de 52 - Rob Degreef

Rob Degreef


I am Rob Degreef, owner of Degreef & Partner, importer and distributor of photographic and video products in various European countries. Besides my company, I also get my energy from my family, sports, rock music and traveling. As my business has brought me a lot in my life, the time has come to give something back to society. Foundation 2vande52 enables poor kids , part of the lowest castes in Nepal, to achieve something in life via improved education and hygiene. I am happy to support this.

Melanie Veldtman-Klaasen


My name is Melanie Veldtman-Klaasen, partner of Sander and working as a detective. Just like Rob, I love sports, hardrock music and traveling. In 2017 I went to Nepal for self-development. Because I was so touched and moved by what I saw I went back that same year, to give something back to the Nepali through donations. I now go to Nepal every year and I have been able to build up a great friendship with a lovely Nepalese family and the Light of Life Foundation. Via Light of Life I came into contact with Foundation 2 van de 52 and I knew immediately I wanted to support the group. I am grateful that since 2019 I can call myself a member of Foundation 2 van de 52. I really look forward to meeting the people in Haripur in 2020.

Stichting 2 van de 52 - Niesèt Groen

Niesèt Groen

Contact for education

My name is Niesèt Groen and I live in Kampen. Currently, I have a full time job at a Dutch primary school in Almere. In my free time I like to play korfball and travel a lot, next to that I also like to make music. In June 2019 I received my Bachelor of Education from NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. During my studies I had the chance to work at different International schools around the world. The past couple of years I did my teaching practices at schools in Indonesia, France and Australia. When Wijtze Velema told me about foundation ‘2 van de 52,’ I became very enthusiastic immediately. I cannot wait to travel to Haripur, to meet all the people there and support them in the field of education.

Stichting 2 van de 52 - Kirtika van Hunen-Malla

Kirtika van Hunen-Malla


A global citizen with a passion for mankind and diversity. Kirtika van Hunen is my name. I am a certified intercultural trainer. I train managers and teams of international organisations to cooperate without stress and culture clash. Besides that I am an author (Dutch-ess from the Himalayas, when cultures meet) and founder of Between2cultures (www.between2c.nl)

My sincere belief that the key to development of a country is education has motivated me to become a voluntary interpretor for the foundation 2vande52. My roots are in Nepal and I appreciate the effort of the people of this foundation for my native country.