Our team

The board of 2vande52 consists of Wijtze, Marsha and Rob, supported by volunteers Kirtika and social worker Arbind.

Wijtze Velema

Wijtze Velema


My name is Wijtze Velema, I live in Kampen with my family. I get most of my energy in meaning something for others, both nearby and far away. In 2016 I went to Nepal with Bobby Regensburg with a plan. This journey was meant to activate myself even more and to achieve something for other people. Haripur touched me and stole my heart during a visit to that extremely underdeveloped area. The understanding that we truly mean something for the area and for approx. 150 kids gives me an unvaluable energy. The seed was sown in 2016 and is now blossoming.

Marsha Regensburg


My name is Marsha Regensburg, I live in Apeldoorn with my family. Besides my activities for the foundation I am mother, hostess and theatre maker. In 2017 I went to Nepal as theatre maker and actor for the foundation and here my love for the people and the Haripur Indrapur Primary School was established. The purpose of the journey was to gather information about the developments, education, hygiene and of course to do role plays to teach and entertain the kids. A journey never to forget. From the first stone to today, I have seen the school and the foundation grow into something very powerful. I keep track of social media and monitor the demands from the Indrapur School. As a team, together with our sponsors, we try to realise the requests from the school and the community. Building together bears fruit and that is our core strength.

Stichting 2 van de 52 - Rob Degreef

Rob Degreef


My name is Rob Degreef, entrepreneur, active in the imaging industry. Besides the great company Degreef & Partner, I also get my energy from my family, sports, rock music and traveling. As my business has brought me a lot in my life, the time has come to give something back to society. Foundation 2vande52 enables poor kids , part of the lowest castes in Nepal, to achieve something in life via improved education and hygiene. I am happy to support this.

Stichting 2 van de 52 - Kirtika van Hunen-Malla

Kirtika van Hunen-Malla


A global citizen with a passion for mankind and diversity. Kirtika van Hunen is my name. I am a certified intercultural trainer. I train managers and teams of international organisations to cooperate without stress and culture clash. Besides that I am an author (Dutch-ess from the Himalayas, when cultures meet) and founder of Between2cultures (www.between2c.nl)

My sincere belief that the key to development of a country is education has motivated me to become a voluntary interpretor for the foundation 2vande52. My roots are in Nepal and I appreciate the effort of the people of this foundation for my native country.

Arbind Kumar Chaudhary

Arbind Kumar Chaudhary

social worker

My name is Arbind Kumar Chaudhary, graduate in social work at the Tribhuvan University. My expertise lies in rural development and I have full focus on improving the living conditions of the Sarlahi district, of which Haripur is a part. I am married, I have a son and I live with my family (parents, brothers and other family members) in Haripur. I am the founder of Lifeline and Indrapur Janta Primary School , which is functioning well thanks to the support of 2vande52. I am in full-time employment of the foundation.