Team 2 v.d. 52 Rob, Wijtze, Marsha, Nieset en Melanie Team 2 van de 52 back together Late June 2021 the 2vande52-team finally got together again. Covid caused Rob, Wijtze, Melanie, Nieset and Marsha... Read More
Donatie COVID19 Nepalese vegetarische “Thali” Ben je woonachtig in Rosmalen/Hinham?Bestel tussen woensdag 19 mei-zaterdag 22 mei een Nepalese vegetarische “Thali” maaltijd via dit emailadres en maak een donatie naar keuze… Read More
Kirtika van Hunen-Malla Kirtika van Hunen-Malla Nepalese-born Kirtika van Hunen-Malla, who lives in Rosmalen, has been added to our team as interpretor. As many of our contacts in Haripur do not speak fluent English... Read More
Koopman Truck & Trailerservice Partly thanks to a wonderful donation from Koopman, we are working step by step towards a better future in Haripur. Read more in the Koopman personnel magazine below. Read More
Proof of appreciation Proof of appreciation of the work that we do together with our sponsors. We received this certificate from the local government... Read More
Melanie en Sander Melanie and Sander cannot go to Haripur Because of travel restrictions Melanie and Sander will probably not be able to make it to Haripur. They are healthy and they are currently with friends in Pokhara. Read More
Bezoek Nepal Melanie Our latest team member Melanie in Nepal Our latest team member Melanie and her husband Sander are in Nepal in March. They will obviously visit our school in Haripur, but before that, they were covered in coloured powder Read More
Light of Life - Stichting 2 van de 52 Bracelets with a heart In 2019 , the day before my birthday, I got invited by Marlies Beeks of the Light of Life Foundation for a ladies night. Read More
Stichting - 2 van de 52 Meeting – Time! Meeting time! Based on the learnings during their visit to Haripur, Rob and Wijtze and made a list of priorities for our team. Read More
Haripur ligt in het Sarlahi -district in de Janakpur-zone Where is Haripur? Haripur is located in the Sunsari district in the Janakpur zone in southeastern Nepal, near the border with India. It is approximately 10 hours by car from the capital Kathmandu, if all goes well. Read More