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The Nursery, another dream comes through

In recent years we have been in touch with people with a lot of knowledge about education. For our own foundation Nieset is doing a great job, at the Aamaghar school in Pokhara, Nepal, we are in frequent contact with headmaster Minu Pariyar and obviously we have a lot of contact with our own teachers at the Indrapur Primary School. Via these contacts we were informed regularly that there should be a basis before the kids, at 6 years of age, will go to the Indrapur school. Playing to learn and learning to play, social skills, increasing gross and fine motor development and timely attention to language delay are of major importance.

We managed to convince local government

Hence, during the visit of Rob and Wijtze to Haripur in 2019 investigating the possibility of a nursery was high on the agenda. It turned out a small building was available and in the course of 2020 we managed to convince local government of the necessity of a nursery and we got the commitment that we could start preparations. The building turned out not to be safe enough for toddlers, so it was agreed to turn it into a regular classroom for the primary school. The nursery could be integrated in a larger classroom of the Indrapur school.

Very succesful fundraiser

In November and December we had a very succesful fundraiser, selling egg rolls and wine packages. With additional funding by 3 sponsors we raised enough to facilitate the nursery. With that money we commissioned local carpenters to make furniture, we bought floor covering and we invested in learning materials and toys. 2 trained teachers will be working full-time, supported by a janitor who will cook, clean and keep an eye on the safety.

On May 1st 2021 officially opened

On May 1st 2021 the nursery was officially opened, in presence of our social worker Arbind, the parents council and local and county authorities. We are delighted to have taken another important step in facilitating a better future for the children in Harpur