Reis 2 van de 52 Nepal Rob en Keeley

Haripur, 4e and last day

Just when you think you've seen it all...

In the morning, together with Arbind Chaudhary, we called together all the heads of the 9 departments, wards, of Haripur, along with the mayor, deputy mayor, and regional officials. We presented our plans and asked them to indicate where the real priorities lie and what budgets are available. Based on this, we can soon draw up a 5-year plan for The Nepal Trust and Wilde Ganzen and start working with a final budget. I also caught up with Hari Thapa and Gopal Pajiyar.

Harsh reality.

I thought I was done for the day, but Arbind indicated that there was a great need for a school in Ward-1. With some reluctance, I went to take a look. "We don't have the money for this," I thought. But when we arrived, I was once again confronted with the harsh reality. I saw a very poor Dalit group in a remote hamlet, with elderly people suffering from various ailments, children wearing rags, and huts on the verge of collapse. The head of the Ward had already started building a structure and hoped for our support to turn it into a real school. I don't yet know how we're going to do it, but we must come up with a plan in the short term to drastically improve the standard of living and future prospects here.

Regenerative agriculture.

In the afternoon, we had an interesting online meeting with a Dutch and Nepalese expert regarding the application of regenerative agriculture. This would fit very well with our plan to establish a large vegetable garden near Dalit village-7.
Tomorrow morning we will say goodbye and then try to enjoy the country and its fantastic people during the upcoming vacation. Namaste.