Haripur 2021 – Blog dag 7

Haripur 2021 – Blog day 7

In the morning we said goodbye to the Chaudhary family and went off to Kathmandu. During our first stop Rob and Marsha were blessed by a local witch doctor/ medicine man. Turned out he was a ordinary street sales man because after the blessing he held up his hand for payment. I assume we did not pay him enough because after 15 minutes Rob got sick and had to empty his stomach in the Himalayas.

At approx 3200 metres high we stopped at Khaniyakharkh, a little village where some 30 orange stalls were competing with each other. Very colourful and photogenic. Upon arrival in Kathmandu we did our PCR-test for the flight back tomorrow. The images in national newspapers show a massive crowd at some demonstration. We reckon they are trying to copy our "left to right" dance we did with the kids in Haripur