Haripur 2021 – Blog dag 6

Haripur 2021 – Blog day 6

Unfortunately, our last day in Haripur. Time flies when you're having fun. Well, time flew by. The morning was very busy. We were filmed by a camera team that is making a documentary about Arbind, where 2vande52 plays a major role. We then revealed a plaque on the nursery, revealing the name of a few major sponsors. We thanked the Thang foundation for their support with reading books, we handed out 3 laptops to enable the teachers to give computer classes and then we went to Little Africa to check out the placement of a water pump which we financed. Finally, we made some recordings of the Shree Sharwan Janta school, where our Secondary school will be placed.

Traditional Dutch games

The afternoon was spent with "our" kids. A luxury picnic with chicken and vegetables (food they rarely get) and fruit juice. Then traditional Dutch games and a game of football. Blowing up balloons and handing them out caused a riot. Kids almost crushed each other to get their grubby hands on a balloon. Marsha has face-painted lots of girls. By then Rob and Wijtze were already knackered from horseback riding, swinging the kids around, tickling them and other craziness. And the grand Finale was something never to forget. Check out the videos of "Left-Right" , the birdy song and Head-Shoulders-Knees and Toes !!

Depth and happiness....priceless.

A day with each other, the kids, teachers and proud parents never to forget. Deep in our hearts. By spending just 2 weeks out of the 52 to charity you can achieve more happiness than you could ever imagine. In 5 years time we see so much difference in the eyes of the kids. Depth and happiness....priceless. Right now we are sitting here, extremely emotional, writing this post, knowing that we have achieved something special for these children. And we have not finished yet.