Haripur 2021 – Blog dag 5

Haripur 2021 – Blog day 5

a day of many meetings and presentations. We started the day at the Everest Academy where we got very information about development materials, useful for nurseries and primary schools. After that, the 3 of us gave a great presentation to about 150 teenagers about Dutch traditions, the Netherlands' educational system and the reason for our presence in Nepal. We are hoping to stimulate these students to help the poorest of the poor, only 10 km away from where the Academy is, to get a better life.

One hour later we held the same presentation at the Oxford Academy, useful to increase our network in the region. Both academies agreed to help us to raise our schools to a higher level.

We invested in school utilities

After lunch we invested in school utilities for the nursery and a very small school near the brick factory, Edukick. Tomorrow we are organising a picnic for our kids. We bought chicken, rice, lentils, vegetables and lots of sweets to treat them. In the evening we had dinner at Arbinds place and we had an in-depth discussion with him and Gunjan (Edukick) about our future plans and cooperation. Yet another tiring, rewarding day.