2 vd 52 - Reis Haripur

Goat farm & Chicken coop

On this day, we could also call it Gopal's (mayor) day because we met him three times today. We started the day with a cup of coffee at Gopal's former office at the Everest Academy. We hoped to make clear arrangements with Gopal, but he had little time. We agreed to meet him later at the town hall.

Next, we visited the local hardware store to arrange fencing for the goat farm. Price negotiations took place, and when you tie it to charity, you manage to get a discount again, which is always great! The fencing will be delivered to the location tomorrow, and then it will be installed.

Goat farm

Negotiations can make you thirsty, so we headed to the town hall for a sweet cup of tea with Gopal. We reviewed the previously made financial agreements and sought clarification on the regulations. That's when we found out that the piece of land for the goat farm in Ward 7 can only be used for vegetables and fruits. Fortunately, Arbind had promised us a piece of land for the chickens yesterday, and his father is now preparing the land for the goats. Their land is designated for livestock, you just have to know these things.

It's well into the afternoon as we drive towards the Brick school. Yesterday, we bought paint for the exterior walls and the ironwork, and today they were already busy painting. It's so nice that the community is helping us so much. Marsha had brought some wooden puzzles and games from the Netherlands that are being put to good use there.

Chicken coop

As we drive back towards the "town," we decide to take a quick look at the preparations for the chicken coop. Some women from Ward 7 are busy leveling the floors and cleaning it further. Girl power, indeed! At the end of the day, the chickens will be delivered, so we'll check it out again tomorrow.

Once in the "town," we buy supplies for our annual picnic and the activity that Jesper has planned. Now, it's time to rest for a bit because the heat (despite a heavy rain shower) and all the conversations have left us with tired minds. 

Just as the day began with Gopal, we also end it with him. Tonight, we have been invited to Gopal and his wife's home for dinner. Tonight, no business, just enjoying, as he says.