Foundation 2 van de 52 finds it of the utmost importance that all donations will be used completely to achieve our goals, as registered in our Policy Plan and described on this website. The trustees works completely pro bono and our financial administration will be open for inspection at any time.

Will you help us to achieve our goals ?

The initial projects have been financed largely via gifts from the Dutch photographic industry. Initiated by 2 employees of another substantial sum has been collected via gifts of individuals and a Dutch primary school. However, in order to obtain a permanent source of income, there is a need for monthly donations. Therefore we would appreciate it immensely if you could sponsor us with any sum of money on a monthly basis. Obviously single donations are incredibly welcome and much appreciated as well. Besides gifts from sponsors, we will be active in fund-raising activities frequently and we will keep sponsors and others up-to-date via this website and social media.

Financial responsibility

As a foundation we believe it is important to be transparent and responsible. Reporting of income and expenditure per year can be found here on this page: Annual report Annual report

Spending policy

The board of 2 van de 52 consists of volunteers. This means that the board and their volunteers do not generate income for their duties within the foundation. Minimum costs are therefore incurred in the Netherlands. The expenditures that are made in the Netherlands include: maintenance of the website, bank charges or levies.

In addition to a number of volunteers, the board of foundation 2 of the 52 consists of the following people:

  • Wijtze Velema – Chairman
  • Rob Degreef – Treasurer
  • Marsha Regensburg – Secretary