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Haripur 2021 – Blog day 7 In the morning we said goodbye to the Chaudhary family and went off to Kathmandu. During our first stop Rob and Marsha were blessed... Read More
Haripur 2021 – Blog day 6 Unfortunately, our last day in Haripur. Time flies when you're having fun. Well, time flew by... Read More
Haripur 2021 – Blog day 5 a day of many meetings and presentations. We started the day at the Everest Academy where we got very information about development materials, useful for nurseries and primary schools... Read More
Haripur 2021 – Blog day 1 t/m 4 It was in October 2016 that we first set foot on Nepali soil. We had gotten information that there was a small town in the south of the country called Haripur... Read More
2 v.d. 52 - De kleuterschool The Nursery, another dream comes through In recent years we have been in touch with people with a lot of knowledge about education. For our own foundation Nieset is doing a great job... Read More
2 v.d. 52 Inzamelingsactie Inzamelingsactie december grandioos succes! De inzamelingsactie in december is een grandioos succes. Honderden wijnpakketten en loempiapakketten vonden hun weg naar donateurs in heel Nederland. Met hulp van 2 wijnhuizen… Read More
2 van de 52 - Wijnpakketten Geld inzamelen voor een kleuterschool Lieve mensen, Soms beseffen we niet hoe goed we het hebben en hoeveel dingen wij vanzelfsprekend vinden die voor anderen helemaal niet zo vanzelfsprekend zijn.… Read More
Stichting 2 van de 52 - Voedselpakketten vanwege Corona Food aid because of Corona A devellish dilemma in Haripur: Taking the risk of being infected by Covid-19 or staying at home with a serious chance of starvation. In the whole of Nepal a complete lockdown has been enforced. Read More
Stichting - 2 van de 52 Haripur Day 7 Visit Haripur Nepal – Wijtze & Rob – Day 7 A day of contrasts, hope and despair, (relative) wealth and extreme poverty. As tourists we spend the morning in the cultural city Bakhtupar, now a part of Kathmandu. Read More
Visit Haripur Nepal – Wijtze & Rob – Day 6 We said an emotional goodbye to Arbind’s extended family. Several adopted nieces and nephews live in his home and his 4 brothers were out there doing community work. What an amazing family. Read More