Stichting - 2 van de 52 Haripur Day 7

Visit Haripur Nepal – Wijtze & Rob – Day 7

A day of contrasts, hope and despair, (relative) wealth and extreme poverty. As tourists we spend the morning in the cultural city Bakhtupar, now a part of Kathmandu.

Many temples, detailed information about Buddhism, hundreds and hundreds of new small shops, a city that is resurrecting after the 2015 earthquake. Thousands of temples, buildings and houses collapsed, countless people died. A lot of good work is being carried out by men and women (some of them seen carrying 30-40kgs of concrete or bricks). However, the poverty is still painfully present. Shanti-towns, mere shelters, children playing in the dust, beggars, stray dogs and rubbish on the ground, wherever you look. We are heading home with mixed emotions. The warm welcome, the gratitude and positivity are leading though. We will be back and with the help of all of you, our fantastic sponsors, with small and large donations, we can get a lot more done.

NEPAL= Never Ending Peace And Love


Wijtze and Rob