Visit Haripur Nepal day 5

Visit Haripur Nepal – Wijtze & Rob – Day 5

A new day with new opportunities. We visited the Everest Academy again as the board over there are really interested in cooperating with us for the Indrapur school.

A student for a student

I presented our operation to some 500 students and explained the plans we discussed with the board regarding the initiative “a student for a student“, where wealthier students are expected to help lesser of kids to progress in life. Besides that, we agreed upon a student and teacher exchange and the donation of schoolbooks. Next we monitored the building of the greenhouse. This looks really good already, we are excited to offer this to our kids.

A priceless looks on their faces

We then went shopping for the picnic we promised the children of our school. Many parents were involved and we were able to offer the kids a lovely meal with rice, Dahl, onions and chicken. They also got a cup of cola and the looks on their faces , as many of them had never had a fizzy drink, was priceless. We played games with them all day and you had to be there to just get an idea of how much that meant to them , and us. Very emotional and a lot of fun.

Clean up the place

Afterwards we got them to clean up the place. Very unusual to them, as Nepal is a dirty place, litter everywhere. We finished off with candy and little gifts and the enthusiasm they showed made it clear that we have to get back there in 2020 to continue building what we started. Tonight dinner with Arbind and tomorrow we will be saying goodbye to this place that has found a special place in our hearts. Bumpy ride back to Kathmandu tomorrow with many great results in our pockets.