Visit Haripur Nepal - day 4

Visit Haripur Nepal – Wijtze & Rob – Day 4

We started the day at Everest Academy, a highly rated private school with 1500 pupils. Upon hearing our story, the board decided to offer 3 scholarships per semester to the best students of Indrapur school. Also they agreed upon an frequent exchange of knowledge between the teachers of both schools. Boom, what a result.

Educational materials

Next we were greeted at our own school. We brought a suitcase full of educational materials and also the bookbags of the Thang Foundation. The kids really amazed us when we noticed the progress they made. They sang for us, read from English books, and cooperated really well with each other. Wijtze was emotionally touched when he saw the brightness, the happyness in their eyes. What a difference compared to 3 years ago, when he and Bobby first visited the region.

Feyenoord sporting gear

I could not help but giving a couple of kids some Feyenoord sporting gear. Spreading the word . The teachers were very motivated too and they provided a great meal, made with the kitchen utensils which we donated. During our daily visit to our fantastic social worker Arbind Chaudhary we could see the progress being made to the greenhouse. We hope to get the kids involved in the planting and reaping of the harvest so that they can be proud that the lunch they are having is the result of their own input. That would be a fine result. Tomorrow a new day to look forward to.