Visit Haripur Nepal - day 3

Visit Haripur Nepal – Wijtze & Rob – Day 3

The day started with purchases for the vegetable garden and the kitchen. Tomorrow we hope to see the first results of the greenhouse. Next we had a long and fruitful meeting with teachers, the board and a representative of the government.

Foundation of a kindergarten

Our main aim was the foundation of a kindergarten (Early Childhood Development Center, or EC/DC as we jokingly call it ). In preparation of primary school it is crucial that 4-5 year olds get basic knowledge about colours, letters, shapes and learning how to play and work together. Our plan was approved and we hope to make a start in 2020. Afterwards we took loads of pictures and made the kids happy with Dutch stroopwafels.

Poorest part of Haripur, Little Africa

After that, we were confronted with the reality in the poorest part of Haripur, Little Africa. In this township the Dalits (outcasts) , the poorest of the poor are having a daily struggle for survival. We can only hope that by welcoming the kids from this area to our school, we offer them a glimmer of hope and a slight chance to work their way out of this misery. Tears were streaming down my face when we walked around there.

Time for a brighter message

Tonight the Thang foundation enabled us to secure a guaranteed 150 books every 6 months for the kindergarten and the primary school. Thanks to your generous donations we can continue the work over here.

Tomorrow more from Haripur, Namaste